MHA/MBA Course Overview

The full MHA/MBA dual degree is available online. Most courses are three credit hours each.

Course Duration

  • Stetson MBA courses run for a duration of eight weeks in an A/B semester format with any required synchronous online sessions held on weekday evenings.
  • AHU offers a combination of 7-week courses in an A/B semester format and 14-week courses that run for the full duration of a semester term.

These course delivery formats allow Stetson and AHU to offer a program that provides both flexibility and academic rigor.

Dual Degree Curriculum

Independently, the MBA and MHA degrees consist of 36 and 39 credit hours, respectively. The partnership between Stetson University and AHU creates a synergy that allows for the full dual MHA/MBA degree to be completed in 54 credit hours, resulting in a 21 credit hour savings.

Stetson University 27 Credit Hours
SOBA 506 - Foundations of Business Analytics 3
SOBA 507 - Foundations of Accounting and Finance 3
ACCT 523 - Financial and Managerial Accounting for Managers 3
BSAN 508 - Managerial Decision Analytics  3
BSAN 591 - Technology for Business Transformation 3
FINA 511 - Advanced Financial Management 3
MGMT 519 - Organizational Theory and Behavior 3
MGMT 595 - Strategic Management 3
MKTG 516 - Marketing Decision Making 3
AdventHealth University 27 Credit Hours
HTCA 513 - Information Systems and Healthcare Informatics 3
HTCA 545 - Population Health Management 3
HTCA 633 - Ethical Issues and Public Policy 3
HTCA 641 - Principles of Healthcare Strategy 3
HTCA 642 - Advanced Practices for Healthcare Strategy 3
HTCA 650 - Healthcare Innovation and Design Thinking 3
HTCA 651 - Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare 3
HTCA 623 - Healthcare Systems and Governance 3
RELP 510 - Identity and Mission 2
RELP 610 - Role Fidelity and Excercise of Power 1
Total Credit Hours  54

Sample Pathways to a MHA/MBA

Your course plan will look different depending on which term you begin your MHA/MBA degree. Select the term that you are planning to begin to learn more: