MBA Course Descriptions

ACCT 523. Financial & Mgrl Acct for Mgrs. 3 Credits.

The study of financial accounting and reporting from a user perspective and of the use of management accounting information for managerial decision-making. Open only to MBA students.

BSAN 508. Managerial Decision Analytics. 3 Credits.

An analysis of the quantitative decision making process in management. This course explores the relationship between business intelligence and management decision making both in theory and in practical terms. Students learn how to apply a variety of quantitative tools to decision situations. Emphasis is placed on decision theory, forecasting, linear programming, queuing, simulation and other decision making tools. Graduate only.

BSAN 591. Technology for Business Transformation. 3 Credits.

Using case analysis, class discussion, and problem solving exercises, this course explores the critical factors affecting business success through the use of information technology. Business strategy issues, uses of business intelligence, e-business technologies, streamlining business operations, creating an environment that builds innovation and organizational transformation are discussed in detail. Graduate only.

FINA 511. Advanced Financial Management. 3 Credits.

Corporate finance course aimed at further understanding and application of financial concepts learned in the basic course. Emphasis placed on the responsibility of the financial manager to contribute to the operating efficiency of the firm, its long range objective and the financial decision-making process. Graduate only.

MGMT 519. Organizational Theory and Behavior. 3 Credits.

This course studies the organization from both a macro and micro perspective by focusing on organizational structure and organizational interactions. The dynamics and links between individual, groups, and the environment are analyzed to highlight the determinants of organizational effectiveness. Graduate only.

MGMT 595. Strategic Management. 3 Credits.

An integrated concept of Business Administration that will relate and integrate the principles and problems studied in the various “functional” fields from a corporate management perspective. Case studies. Graduate only. Capstone course. Prerequisite: Completion of 12 hours of graduate work, including FINA 511 or ACCT 520.

MGMT 596. Strategic Management & Theory. 3 Credits.

An integrated concept of Business Administration that will relate and integrate the principles and problems studied in the various “functional” fields, including Organizational Theory and Behavior, from a corporate management perspective. Case studies. College of Law Graduate only. Capstone Course. Prerequisite: Completion of FINA 511 or ACCT 520.

MKTG 516. Marketing Decision Making. 3 Credits.

A study of the process for designing and implementing strategic programs for the marketing of goods and services. Topics covered include the gathering of decision-making data, setting of strategic direction, and the creation of marketing programs. Graduate only.

SOBA 506. Foundations of Business Analytics. 3 Credits.

In this course you will learn the basics of analytics. You will be introduced to fundamental statistical concepts and visualization techniques for understanding many common data analysis methods. Software such as Excel, XLMiner and Tableau will be used throughout the class.

SOBA 507. Foundations of Accounting and Finance. 3 Credits.

This course provides a foundation for further graduate study in business by introducing the student to the basic concepts and principles of Accounting and Finance. Topics include, financial statements, time value of money, capital investment decisions, break-even analysis, debt and equity financing and using Accounting information in equity valuation.