students working in RGIP lab at night

Student Opportunities


Students have internship opportunities with brokerage and asset management firms, as well as in financial analysis. Some of the places Stetson students have interned include Brown and Brown, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, KCM Asset Management, ZPR Asset Management and AAA.

Roland George Investments Program

Students in Stetson University's pioneering Roland George Investments Program manage a real portfolio made up of $3.5 million in stocks and bonds by developing their own investment goals, objectives and criteria.They function as an investment management firm would, where a complete investment policy is established and revised as needed. Individual security selections are researched using fundamental tools such as Bloomberg.

The students must defend their recommendations to the other students and an investments committee, dominated by students that function much as the senior strategy group of an investment management firm. Their goal is to earn a return that funds the acquisition of special systems and software for the program, as well as to meet operating expenses.


Finance majors may be eligible for scholarships from a variety of sources in addition to the financial aid offered through the university. Each year, the Business School Foundation awards the Eugene M. Lynn Merit Award for Finance to one outstanding Department of Finance student.