Student Entrepreneur

Nesha Mutuku

Nesha Mutuku
Major: Management
Class of 2023
Hometown: Atlantic Beach, Florida


Money, Expertise and Time. My grandfather always said most people have one, few have two and no one has all three. MET is an online platform where students showcase their expertise and time availability to create business ventures that make money!

Companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and Google were created by partnerships between college students. MET builds bridges between young entrepreneurs by connecting compatible users. The platform helps college students establish lasting partnerships through labor contributions which lead to partial ownership of the business, commonly referred to as “sweat equity”. MET will also connect the student-led business ventures with investors.

We are currently developing the first version of the MET platform. Help us connect the partners of the next successful startup. Choose MET!

Get Involved

Get started with a business idea

Good for you! You have taken one of the most difficult steps in entrepreneurship - deciding to get started (most people never make it this far...)

Acting upon your business idea will require you go through a sequence of activities, which typically begin with finding out if there is a market for your product. Here's the good news: You don't have to go through these activities alone. We will help you!

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Join the entrepreneurship club

Stetson's entrepreneurship club is aimed at anyone who wants to be involved in creating, innovating and building. You don't need a business idea to join the club. We welcome everyone. So, regardless of your major, class standing and GPA, join us!

See our calendar of events to participate in the next one.

Participate in a business pitch competition

We are excited you are considering to join a business pitch competition! Participating in pitch competitions is a fun and valuable activity for entrepreneurs. Pitch competitions will give you the opportunity to get feedback about your ideas, practice selling skills, and sometimes, win prizes!

Nothing is stopping from participating in pitch competitions. If you are representing Stetson University, however, we ask you to contact us with anticipation. We want to help you do your best, and to do so, we will request your engagement in multiple Stetson-based activities prior to the competition.

Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] to get started.

See our calendar of competitions.

Connect with other entrepreneurs

Connecting with other entrepreneurs is an extremely valuable experience for anyone developing a business idea or launching a startup. There are many opportunities to meet entrepreneurs locally:

Get funding

We can help you connect with funding sources for your business idea and startup, including:

  • Local investors
  • Stetson Entrepreneurship Program's Advisory Board
  • Stetson alumni network
  • Crowdfunding campaigns

We will work closely with you to get your business idea ready for investors.

View Stetson-affiliated crowdfunding campaigns.

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Protect my intellectual property

Whether you seek a patent, copyright, trademark or any other kind of legal protection, we will help you connect with local intellectual property attorneys.

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Switch my major/minor to entrepreneurship

Excellent! We are excited you are joining our program. The process to change your major or minor is very simple.

Complete the major/minor change form and submit it to the form center at the LBC reception desk.

I don't know what my next step is

We are here to help you achieve your academic, career and startup goals. Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions about entrepreneurship – especially if you are unsure what to ask.

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