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Joseph C. Prince Entrepreneurship Program

The Medicis were a wealthy banking family in Florence in the 15th century. The family and other like-minded supporters decided to bring together great thinkers of the day from many disciplines and cultures from around the world. Not only were sculptors, poets, philosophers and painters included, but also scientists and those focused on business and trade. In Florence, they came together, shared thoughts and ideas, and broke down the barriers between disciplines and cultures. What resulted was the beginning of the Renaissance with Florence as the center of this activity. This explosion of creative ideas and innovation has been referred to as the Medici Effect. The vision of the Entrepreneurship program is to create a Medici effect at Stetson University.

Special Features

The School of Business Administration, through the Joseph C. Prince Entrepreneurship Program, offers an undergraduate entrepreneurship major and minors for both business and non-business majors. These academic programs focus on creative problem-solving and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset.

Stetson University's Prince Entrepreneurship Program is an endowed initiative that seeks to develop the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. The major consists of four required courses and two electives which can be taken from multiple disciplines within the School of Business Administration. In fact, the design of the curriculum is such that it encourages students to pursue a double major or to minor in another business area. Visit the university catalog to learn more about the requirements and courses offered for the entrepreneurship major and minor.

At the heart of the entrepreneurship program are the co-curricular activities that students will engage in. First, it is our belief that students interested in entrepreneurship should become engaged as early as possible upon arriving at Stetson. The Entrepreneurship Club is a natural first step (especially for incoming freshmen who cannot take entrepreneurship courses in their first semester).

Students will have the opportunity to be a part of three national entrepreneurship groups: Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization (CEO) is the largest such affiliation. CEO has a primary focus on growing an entrepreneurial high-growth firm; next, DECA is a national organization focusing on the free enterprise system where entrepreneurship is highly valued; finally, students interested in social entrepreneurship will be right at home in the ENACTUS organization.

Being a part of the club opens numerous avenues to the many local/regional and national competitions students will be vying to represent themselves and Stetson in. Many of these including the local competitions come with cash prizes. The largest is the Innovation Challenge where the grand prize is $10,000.

Join the Entrepreneurship Club

The Prince Entrepreneurship Leaders Program is a new organization for the serious entrepreneurship student. It is intended to provide guidance and support for those that are serious about launching their own scalable business either while at Stetson or after graduation as well as gather a group of students that would represent the University at various competitions.