Joseph Morel - Switch-Code

Joseph Morel

Student Entrepreneur
Major: Entrepreneurship, International Business and Finance
Class of 2021
Hometown: Jupiter, Florida

Code Switch on DeskCode Switch product photoCode Switch in Action

Toy Nuggets is a company focused on developing physical toys to teach children the principles of coding. Consider the fact that there are toys for many traditional professions and careers. Think about Lincoln Logs for future architects and Lego sets for engineers. These physical toys are meant to nurture some of the basic skills associated with their respective professions. Physical toys also awaken a child’s curiosity to learn more about a specific field.

Surprisingly, there are no physical toys for computer programing. There are only digital platforms that teach children computer programing (i.e. software and video games), but they tend to focus on older children. We are missing a huge opportunity to teach children programming at the optimal age of learning, when children can easily absorb new knowledge.

This is Toy Nuggets' mission. To lower the age at which children to learn about computer programing and give them a foundation of essential tools to succeed in the digital age.

Toy Nuggets toys focus on the fundamental building blocks of computer science fields such as coding, programing, and circuitry. The first product in our series of toys is called the Switch-Code. It is focused on teaching the mathematical infrastructure of programing through the use of base systems. These base systems can be seen around us in everyday life. The Switch-Code allows students to gain mathematical skills, creative problem-solving skills, muscle memory, hand-eye coordination, as well as cognitive decision making.

Toy Nuggets is currently targeting the toy market, which is currently estimated at 21.7 billion dollars in the U.S alone. Through customer exploration, we also assessed that the Switch-Code also can serve as a teaching aid in schools to develop future programmers and computer software engineers. Adding this market segment to our strategy effectively raises our potential market to nearly 30 billion annually.

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