Cameron Gerstenslager - Kidify

Cameron Gerstenslager

Student Entrepreneur
Major: Digital Arts
Class of 2021
Hometown: Doylestown, Ohio

UFO humidifierKidify UFO humidifier close-up

Imagine walking into a kid’s room. On one side, you will find lots of colorful, fun toys. But then, on the other side, you will find other things that look boring, but they are necessary for health and safety reasons. Think about night lights, humidifiers, and doorknobs. Have you seen a humidifier lately? Do they look fun? No.They look boring! Kidify wants to make these health and safety products cool and fun looking. My mission is to KIDIFY every kid's bedroom in the US!

We are going to make this happen by giving them fun designs, such as race cars, ballerinas, caterpillars, clouds, and UFOs. These products will be safe and will also serve as decoration! Kidify products will feed children’s imagination.

Our first product will be a UFO humidifier. The humidifier market is at about one billion dollars today and growing. But put those numbers aside, here’s why this is an excellent opportunity for Kidify: Couples are having children at a later age, which means two things: First, they have more disposable income; and second,they are more aware of their child’s health and safety needs. The bottom line is that parents today are primed to buy our products.

Help me Kidify kid's rooms across the US!

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