Major and Minor Requirements


General Education Requirements

The student must complete the General Education requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences degree.

Collateral Requirements for the Major


Major Requirements

One unit from the following at the 100 level:

RELS 100B; 103B; 105B; 107B; 108B, or 109B (1)

Two units from each of the three following categories, four of which must be 300 or 400 level courses. (6)

  • Select two units in Jewish and Christian traditions from the following
    • RELS 256V; RELS 313V; RELS316V; RELS317V; RELS 318V; RELS 412V 
  • Select two units in Islamic and Asian religious traditions from the following
    • RELS241B; RELS 245B; RELS 252B; RELS 258B; RELS 334V; RELS 337B; RELS 361B     
  • Select two units in Religion, History, and Society from the following
    • RELS 238V; RELS 255B, RELS277V; RELS281V; RELS 282B; RELS 302V; RELS 305B; RELS 311H; RELS312V; RELS 336B; RELS 363B

Select one unit of RELS electives. No more than one unit total may come from a combination of travel courses with the pass/fail election, teaching apprenticeships (RELS 395), or internships (RELS 397).  (1)

Complete the following four courses: (2)

  • RELLS 370; RELS 380; RELS 480; RELS 499*

* Students satisfying RELS 499 through another course must still complete a total of 10 units with the RELS major by substituting a 300 or 400 level RELS course. 

Other Electives

Course units to total a minimum of 32


Required Courses

One unit from the following at the 100 level:

RELS 100B, 103B, 105B; 107B, 108B or 109B (1)

One non-credit course: RELS 380 (non-credit) or RELS 480 (non-credit)

Minor Electives

Three RELS course units, of which at least one unit must be at the 300 or 400 level (3)

Total units 4.