Summer Opportunities for Physics Majors


Since the 2013 summer session, the physics department offers PHYS 121, College Physics I, which is the first semester of algebra-based introductory physics, targeted at non-physics science majors. Note: this course does not fulfill any requirements of the physics major at Stetson.

A range of opportunities exists for Stetson physics majors over the summer...

Physics majors--scroll down to see a list of the REU opportunities we've received so far for the upcoming summer. This information is also available on the flyers posted on the wall outside of Sage 205.

On-Campus Physics Research

Upper-class physics majors are invited to participate in summer research with a Stetson faculty mentor. Interested students should seek out the advice of the faculty about specific opportunities available. Summer is an excellent time to get involved in a more in-depth, intensive, and thorough research project, enhancing a student's Stetson experience. Any student interested in this is encouraged to apply for a Stetson Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Grant, as this grant will pay a stipend to the student and assist with some research expenses. However, receipt of a SURE grant is not required; the Physics Department is committed to supporting all student research. The faculty invite students to work on in-depth projects over the summer break, and any interested upper class major interested in such a project should consult with various members of the faculty about their idea(s). And while we cannot pay summer stipends, we will assist with whatever equipment costs are a part of the research. Finally, although the curriculum is designed to allow students to complete their senior research projects during the academic year, many students decide to take on this major project during the more relaxed pace of summer. In doing so, they find fewer outside distractions and commitments imposing on their time, and they often report an enhanced research experience as a result. It should be noted that research supported by a SURE grant is not eligible to be a senior research project, but many SURE projects can be adapted and expanded to fit the senior research requirements.

Off-Campus Internships and Opportunities

For our upper-class majors, off-campus research possibilities abound...

One article published in Science Magazine gives some great tips for participating in a summer internship.

Most summer programs (and graduate schools) require letters of recommendation from your professors. 

A great place to begin your search is at some of the professional organizations' websites, where lists are compiled every year. A few of these include the following:

Beginning during the fall semester, the department receives information about a wide variety of programs (most, though not all, are REUs) for advanced undergraduate students. Students should take note of the application deadlines, being sure to give their faculty plenty of time to write the required letters of recommendation. Also, all efforts are made to make sure that the following information is correct, but if you find a broken link, please feel free to contact us so we can make a correction.

Specific off-campus programs/opportunities we have received information about so far include:

Note: this list of off-campus opportunities is an ongoing work in progress; program information is generally received during the fall semester and into the winter, and programs will be added as information is received...