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Physics is the science devoted to the investigation of the fundamental principles that govern the behavior of the physical universe.

Physicists seek to understand phenomena that range from the infinitesimal, like how two 'up' quarks and one 'down' quark are held together to form a proton, to the grand, like how the Big Bang led to the distribution of galaxies observed in the universe today. Given the wonderful diversity in the phenomena displayed in the universe, one would think there must be a bewildering number of fundamental principles that are required to explain it all. The power and the beauty of physics is that it takes only a few.

A Challenging But Rewarding Field

Students are challenged by the need to train their minds to look at the world in a different way and to become masters at applying logic and advanced mathematics to problems. An undergraduate degree in physics can lead directly to many interesting careers in research and development, manufacturing and teaching. As a liberal arts degree, physics is excellent training for careers in business, finance and government. Within the business community, physics majors are renowned for their ability to critically analyze problems and formulate well-reasoned solutions. Students interested in pursuing graduate-level studies find themselves well-prepared for a variety of graduate programs including physics, engineering and medical school.

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