Graduate Education Programs

Stetson University's Graduate Education programs are designed to meet the needs of the twenty-first century schools and create exceptional educational leaders and classroom practitioners. We focus on teacher leaders who are vested in culturally-responsive schools; using research-based practices to enhance learning for all students, while progressively closing the academic achievement gap for diverse populations in our schools. Stetson's graduate programs are approved and accredited at the state and national levels.

Program Format

All of our graduate programs are research-based, "theory to practice" and competency-based, designed with a schedule that fits the work and personal needs of educational professionals. Candidates proceed through the coursework in cohorts, starting in the summer, fall and spring semesters depending on the program of study. Our programs encourage candidates to build meaningful relationships with their principals, administrators and their peers in each cohort. Alumni of our programs are empowered to become leader-scholars, reflective decision-makers who use research and validated models to enhance their knowledge, skills and professional and ethical dispositions involved in dynamic leadership for effective schools.


Our courses are offered in either an online hybrid format or on-campus in our DeLand, Gulfport, or Lake City locations depending on the program of interest. All programs are designed for working educators and our schedule is flexible to meet the needs of our students. For more information on the specific schedule and locations of each program, please view the program webpages.


The curriculum is designed to be consistently innovative, comprehensive and to meet state and national performance standards. Students are expected to become: collaborative instructional leaders, responders to diversity, facilitative agents for change, and reflective practitioners.   

Program Course Offerings