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Economics Fact Sheet

What is Economics?

Economics is the study of decision making. Everyone must make decisions - individuals, families, businesses, governments, nations, and the world. Economics is the study of the ways that decisions are made by those groups, especially by businesses. What things are taken into account? How they are taken into account? How may decision making be done well? Why is some decision making done so poorly? These are key questions that they study of economics tries to answer.

Why is it important to study economics

The study of economics can help you to be a more effective family member, a better prepared and more informed voter, a more responsible citizen of a country and of the world, and a more effective employee of a business (a business hires college graduates mainly for help in decision making). The study of economics will help you in the development of critical thinking and in the establishment of effective communication.

Why should I major in economics at Stetson University?

With small class size, it is possible for faculty to work with each student's strengths and weaknesses. The program of the Economics Department is designed to help students acquire basic concepts and skills in an environment of a stimulating exploration of local, national and international problems and issues. There is a an international emphasis in the Department with the faculty teaching courses that look at many parts of the world - Africa, Latin America, Russia, and China. The program of the Department helps students to develop their abilities in research and analysis. The Department offers courses that look at the critical situation with the environment - from a local perspective as well as a world perspective. There are courses that look at the interaction of economics with other areas such as race, gender and religion.

For what potential careers will this major prepare me?

In the individualized advising that the faculty do, you will be assisted in choosing economics courses and other useful courses that can help you prepare for a variety of careers. You could be ready to go into various positions in business (generally at the middle management level). It would be possible to go into government (again, at what would correspond to middle management). The program can prepare you for further education - law school, graduate school in economics, or graduate school in business. This could lead to middle and upper management level positions with banks, various businesses, government agencies, and law firms.