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Religious and Spiritual Life

Big Words: Thanks--An At-Home Practice

All major religions recognize gratitude as an important spiritual value. In this Big Words, we will explore Naikan, a practice derived from Japanese Buddhism in which gratitude becomes a method of self-reflection. Students who complete this exercise are eligible to receive cultural credit. Completion takes an estimated 90 minutes and includes the following steps:

1. View the video workshop led by University Chaplain Morris Sullivan and the Interfaith Values Fellows.

2. Open the worksheet to be completed along with the video.

3. Reflect on your experiences to receive cultural credit.

Questions? Contact Sensei Sullivan at [email protected].


The mission of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life is to empower students to lead lives of meaning. We connect students to Stetson's vibrant religious student organizations, provide resources on religious literacy and spiritual wellness, and offer support to process life events. 

Office Update

The Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room in Griffith Hall is available for use, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to the size of the space, only one person may access the room at a time. Stetson ID required to access the building.