Quality Enhancement Plan


The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), required in conjunction with the Compliance Certification Report, must be submitted six weeks prior to the on-site review. The comprehensive document is:

  1. A topic identified through ongoing, comprehensive and evaluation processes,
  2. Has a broad-based support of institutional constituencies,
  3. Focuses on improving specific student learning outcomes and/or student successes,
  4. Commits resources to initiate, implement The Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement 9 and complete the QEP, and
  5. Includes a plan to assess achievement.

The topic of the QEP is at the discretion of the institution, and will be determined by a designated task force of University staff, faculty and students. The completed QEP report outlines a focused plan of action that enhances student learning and/or student success.

Examples of past QEP topics:

  • Enhancing the academic climate for student learning
  • Strengthening the general studies curriculum
  • Developing creative approaches to experimental learning
  • Enhancing critical thinking skills

Stetson's previous QEPs:

  • Improving Student Learning Outcomes, Retention & Graduation Rates
  • Hatter Trek - summer transition program with voluntary retreats for incoming students
  • Hatter Quest - revised fall orientation for incoming students, having students meet with their first-year seminar (FSEM) classes before the start of all courses.

Stetson's current QEP:

The 2020 QEP task force completed its work in spring 2020. After extensive research, discussion and planning, and confirmed by the results of a campus survey, the QEP Task Force recommended that the QEP topic be broadly based on Communication and Critical Skills, with focus on speaking skills, quantitative literacy, and information literacy. The 2021 QEP task is charged to refine the topic and develop the initial draft of the QEP plan by May 2021.

The documents provided below support the 2020 QEP task force broad topic recommendation. Additional QEP documents can be found in the Reports and Documents section.