Breakiron-Evans/Brockway Pre-Tenure Faculty Excellence Awards

The Office of the Provost & Academic Affairs and the Professional Development Committee are pleased to announce faculty awards, primarily through course reallocation, to support the development of Stetson’s pre-tenure faculty members. The pathway to tenure involves a probationary period that culminates in a faculty member’s evaluation and feedback on practice and achievement in teaching, scholarship, and service.

For many faculty members, the beginning of their careers at Stetson may require a shift from previous work as graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, or other positions. Research and creative foci may even change entirely due to new questions that arise organically in a new place, faculty collaborations that evolve with new colleagues, or differences in available equipment and resources. Similarly, as faculty members evolve as teachers, each must find the mix of pedagogical approaches and technology that works most effectively. Study of pedagogy and thoughtful trials of different pedagogical methods, followed by assessment of the outcomes, can produce effective and nuanced learning.

Stetson University recognizes these transitions and seeks to support the continued growth of faculty members who have successfully begun the process of building careers on the path toward tenure and promotion. Support for these awards is provided through the generosity of Maureen Breakiron-Evans and Susan Brockway, longstanding members of Stetson University’s Board of Trustees and advocates of academic innovation and excellence. 

About The Breakiron-Evans/Brockway Pre-Tenure Faculty Excellence Awards

Awards are intended primarily to offer faculty time to enhance their development as Stetson teacher-scholars as they prepare for the tenure review process. The award competition is open to pre-tenure faculty members who demonstrate evidence of exceptional teaching or research/creative inquiry at Stetson and who are still developing their tenure portfolios.

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Spring 2024 call for proposals

Breakiron-Evans/Brockway Pre-Tenure Faculty Excellence Awards Recipients

  • 2023-2024
    • Carmen Palmer, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
    • Elizabeth Plantan, Assistant Professor of Political Science
    • Scott Semenyna, Assistant Professor of Pyschology