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Social Media Takeovers

One of the most exciting ways to build excitement and engagement around your Stetson University cause or event is to do an official Takeover of the StetsonU Instagram Story. If you're interested in doing a Takeover, fill out our Social Takeover Form and we'll get back in touch as soon as possible. Filling out the form doesn't guarantee a takeover is granted.

What channel is available for a Takeover?

The StetsonU Instagram Story (username: @stetsonu) is available for Takeovers on a prescheduled and approved basis. Takeovers are done only as Instagram Stories not as individual posts in the Instagram feed or individual stories sent to a select user or group of users.

Who can do a Takeover?

Official Stetson University departments, programs, organizations, teams and, in select situations, individuals may do Takeovers. Takeovers may be used for special events and initiatives that are sponsored solely by Stetson University and have educational, athletics or other components that align with the university's mission and values.

Takeovers are not available for social organizations, private social events or Town Hall type of events.

Examples of Takeovers that have been done in the past: FOCUS Orientation, Open Houses, International Education Week, Senior Week, Hatter Saturday and Beach Volleyball Tournaments. 

How does a Takeover work?

Once a Takeover is approved, the Social Media Manager will contact the Takeover host to schedule a 15-minute Takeover Training to review guidelines and policy and discuss general questions. The Takeover host will be given channel access the day before the scheduled Takeover unless another user is currently hosting a Takeover at that time. In such cases, the manager or host will receive channel access early on the day of the Takeover.

Takeover trainings are valid for the entire academic year allowing groups to easily host more than one Takeover throughout the year.

Note: The Takeover host is responsible for downloading and saving any photos and videos they wish to keep of their takeover.

How early should I request a takeover?

Fill out the form as early as possible. Approved Takeovers are put on a master schedule. Official university events such as Commencement are scheduled a year in advance. If you wait too long, your chosen date may already be taken.

Is additional training available?

Yes, our Social Media Manager is happy to have additional meetings with users to discuss best practices and review scenarios. Email [email protected] to schedule an appointment. Also, browse and read the tips available via the links on this webpage.

Are there restrictions on topics?

Yes. Posting guidelines for Takeovers are the same as those for our Facebook page. All takeover managers and hosts are required to abide by the Stetson University Social Media Policy. Takeovers on StetsonU's Instagram Story are granted based on the understanding that the user is representing Stetson University and its mission and values.

May a student do a Takeover?

Yes, provided the student reviews and understands the university's social media policy and guidelines, completes a short training session and hosts a session that meets Takeover requirements.

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Takeovers are governed by the Stetson Social Media Policy and Social Media Guidelines.