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Campus Life and Student Success champions community, well-being, learning and success throughout each student's journey at Stetson.


Campus Life and Student Success fosters a vibrant culture acting as a learning laboratory for growth and development. Those who engage in the Stetson experience will be identified by their future family, local and work communities as critical thinkers, servant leaders and informed inclusive problem solvers ready to contribute, advocate and lead while addressing world issues and catalyzing community development.

  • In a world of increasing loneliness, technology and division, our community will create space for every member to feel welcome and a sense of belonging. Space and time will be made to develop a mindful and healthy approach to life.
  • Members of the Stetson community will be willing to think about concepts in a new way. Their minds will be blown and their thinking deepened as each acts as both a student and a teacher in this diverse community.
  • This culture will inherently support trying, failing and thriving. Members of the community will be empowered to own their personal and professional development. Adversity will be part of the developmental process, and discomfort is okay. At the same time members of the community are building confidence and independence, connection and guidance are irreplaceable.
  • Members of our Stetson learning community are in a process of becoming: creating, clarifying, shaping, changing and working toward their goals. The culture will be robust with opportunities to develop their authentic, clear and strong voice. The Campus Life and Student Success team works side by side with students towards a path of success at Stetson and beyond.

Strategic Plan

Campus Life and Student Success has identified five strategic priorities through a robust strategic planning process that will guide our work in the upcoming years. The priorities are listed below, with more detailed information available in our CLaSS Strategic Plan.

  • Resiliency
    • We aim to create an environment wherein community members will have the ability to face, process and learn from challenging situations; seek help when needed; recover and persevere with purpose and, thereby, feel more confident to face future challenges.
  • Peer Leadership
    • We will intentionally increase students developing and coaching each other to positively impact connection, community, knowledge, confidence and growth.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • We will work to be a community where everyone feels respected and valued and where each person seeks to gain knowledge about themselves and others. We will make encourage and appreciate informed "real talk" and challenge injustice. We will acknowledge inequity in cultures and systems and work courageously toward equity and genuine community.
  • Career Readiness
    • We support a mindset and process of discovery and the pursuit of career and life paths that are co-created by students, staff and faculty. Community members will gain competencies and skills in various fields and areas preparing them for success.
  • Operational and Process Excellence
    • We will create and maintain effective, efficient, adaptive and sustainable systems, programs, policies and processes that reliably meet community needs. Our processes and policies will be cognizant of CLaSS staff and student-leader capacity as well as fiscal priorities and resources.