Applying to Stetson
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The application process for Stetson University has never been easier! Using our streamlined and shortened Stetson Application or the Common App below, you can submit the admissions application today to maximize your chances for any potential financial aid. Then, follow up with the required high school transcripts at a later date.

If you have started your Stetson application, but not submitted it, please check your personal email for a unique link to access the second part of your application. You can also reach out to your admissions recruiter and they can help you access your application. You can also check our Glossary of Higher Education Terms or contact us if you have any questions during the process. 

Stetson ApplicationCommon App

What You Need to Apply

Before you proceed, make sure you submit the admissions application to Stetson University first to kick-start the application process. Once it is submitted you can then send us the following:

For the purpose of admissions, we accept self-reported information. Official transcripts from your secondary/high school are required for enrollment.

Official transcripts can also be ordered through Parchment, eScrip or SCOIR and delivered electronically to Stetson University. The Office of Admissions mailing address and fax number are located at the bottom of this page.

The writing sample can use one of the essay topics below or may be a graded paper or essay.

Essay Topics

  • Discuss an issue of state, national or global concern to you.
  • If you could live your life fighting for one cause, what would it be and why?
  • Describe a time you did not meet expectations and what impact the experience had on you.
  • What gives meaning to your life?
  • If you wrote a letter to yourself to be opened in 20 years, what would it say?

Letters of recommendation should be written and signed by the person making the recommendation and can be emailed to the Office of Admission at [email protected]. Letters of recommendation can also be submitted online through the Counselor/Teacher Recommendation form.

Stetson University values academic achievement, commitment to personal values, leadership, talent, character and initiative above standardized testing. Therefore, submitting standardized test results for admission consideration is optional. Score-optional consideration is an alternative for applicants who feel that their test scores don't adequately reflect their level of academic achievement and/or accurately predict their potential. However, if you feel that your test scores are a good reflection of your ability, we are happy to use them for admission consideration along with your other supporting materials.

Stetson University's testing codes are 0756 (ACT) and 5630 (SAT). No code is required for optional CLT testing.

Since accuracy is critical, you should have a copy of your high school transcript available to use as a reference. Course requirements are listed below in our Admissions Standards.

Upon receiving an initial admission decision, send an official copy of high school transcripts and complete all other missing requirements. Additionally, final official transcripts are due prior to the first day of class.

Application Deadlines

Application Type Application Deadline
Early Decision November 1, 2023
Early Action November 15, 2023
Rolling Admission Priority: January 15, 2024

Already Applied?

If you have already applied to Stetson University, you can check your application status at anytime. An email is sent with your username and password within the week following submission.

Your Application Status


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Accepted GPA


Accepted SAT



Stetson Application Common App

Admissions Standards

To be considered for admission, applicants must satisfactorily complete a college preparatory program in high school. Because high school programs and grading systems vary widely, the secondary school program cannot be rigidly prescribed; however, the Admissions Committee is most interested in the student with solid academic achievement in five or more college preparatory courses each of the four years of high school.

Minimum preparation must include:

  1. Four years of English;
  2. At least three years of math, including Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II;
  3. Three years of natural science;
  4. Two years of social science; and
  5. Two consecutive years of a foreign language (American Sign Language is recognized as a foreign language).

Suitable college preparatory electives will complete the applicant's program. A grade point average of greater than 3.0 is typical for students accepted to Stetson.

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