Students and families smiling outside during admissions event

Undergraduate Application Types

Early Decision

Deadline: November 1

Early Decision benefits students who know that Stetson is their number-one choice! If you are certain that Stetson is where you want to enroll, we encourage you to apply under our Early Decision plan. You will be required to submit an Intent to Enroll by January 15 upon acceptance. Due to the binding nature of Early Decision, you are not permitted to apply to other binding Early Decision programs. However, you are permitted to apply to non-restrictive Early Action programs at other institutions. With the Early Decision plan, you agree to withdraw all applications at other colleges and enroll at Stetson if admitted.

Early Decision Benefits

Early Action

Deadline: November 15

Our Early Action deadline is best for students who would like to apply early and receive an admissions decision early, but are not certain about what college they would like to attend. Applying as an Early Action applicant does not constitute a binding commitment to attend if admitted. If you would like to compare admissions offers and financial aid packages from multiple colleges when making your final decision, Early Action is a better choice than an Early Decision plan.

Rolling Admission

This option allows students who might just be learning about Stetson more time to make the best decision. Our Rolling Admission priority deadline is the standard non-binding application plan. Applying as a Rolling Decision applicant does not constitute a binding commitment to attend if admitted.