Early Decision Benefits

We strongly recommend you consider Early Decision if Stetson is your first-choice college. Students admitted under the Early Decision program will receive a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Early Response: Students admitted under the Early Decision program will be notified of their acceptance decision early –prior to all other applicants!
  • Early Registration: We will open Fall 2022 registration first to those New Hatters who were admitted under the Early Decision Program. It’s a great way to get your fall class selections locked in.
  • Self-Paced Early Move-in: Want to get a jump start on moving in? You’ll be able to sign up for one of the first move-in times to move in to your residence hall early.
  • Pick your own room: If you (and your preferred roommate if you have one) have submitted the housing application, you can select your room early.
  • Strengths at Stetson: Gain early access to a Certified Strengths Coach who will help you develop individualize plans that explore your personal Strengths and develop plans to leverage these Strengths in your college experience.
  • Financial Aid: We will ensure that you will receive priority in academic scholarship and financial aid consideration.
  • Free Parking: We will waive the parking permit fee for your first year.
  • Commuters Meals: Commuting students get a free 10 meal block to use on campus in dining any time throughout the Fall term.

Students accepted under Stetson's Early Decision Program complete an agreement between the institution, family and student, and guidance counselor. Applicants are encouraged to review the Early Decision stipulations carefully and contact their admission recruiter to discuss the reasons why applying early will give you an edge over other students.