Stetson University

Parents and Families

Dear Hatter Parents,

Thank you for entrusting us with this portion of your student's life journey. I am so fortunate to be a part of this exceptional group of faculty, staff and students who strive to further the mission of Stetson University every day.

We offer a broad-based support system to students as they navigate their time at the university. FOCUS Orientation leaders, resident advisors, personal librarians, academic advisors, first-year seminar instructors, success coaches and many others are ready and willing to serve as mentors. Passionate educators and dedicated campus life professionals further contribute to this close-knit learning community, an ideal place for students to discover their passions and realize their highest potential.

As a Stetson University parent, you automatically become a member of the Stetson Parents Association (SPA), which keeps you informed and helps you share in your student's college experience.

At Stetson University, we believe that parents are our partners in education. We value the supportive role parents play in their student's college experience and welcome your involvement along the way.



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