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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do students enroll for lessons?

Registration forms are made available as follows:

  • Fall semester- August 1 (print version), mid-August (online version) (Register online now)
  • Spring semester- December 1 (print version), mid-December (online version)
  • Summer semester- May 1 (print version), mid-May (online version)

Registration forms are also mailed each semester to students who have taken lessons in previous semesters.

How is registration/tuition received?

Students are required to fill out a registration form and pay tuition each semester. They may do so in by mail or in person at Presser Hall, or online.

The Community School accepts cash, money orders, checks (payable to Stetson University), and credit card. Registration forms and payments can be mailed or turned in at the School of Music office (first floor of Presser Hall) between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Are payment plans available?

Payment plans are available. Contact Claudia Gatewood at 386-822-8962 or for details.

Where are lessons taught?

Lessons are taught in practice rooms on the third floor of Presser Hall.

How long is the semester?

The Community School of Music follows the Stetson University's semester schedule. Most semesters are 13 weeks long. The Community School of Music offers 13 half-hour lessons per semester. Student teachers may not teach during exams or break periods.

When do lessons begin?

Your teacher will contact you to arrange specific days and times for your lessons. Because teachers need time at the beginning of each semester to arrange their own classes, rehearsals and work periods, you may not be contacted by your teacher for several weeks after you have registered.

What if I miss a lesson?

Students pay for all lessons regardless of whether or not they were present for them. Make-up lessons are offered at the discretion of the teacher, but they are not required to do so. No special time is reserved for make-up lessons. Missed lessons due to teacher absences will be made up by arrangement between the student and the teacher.

What resource materials will I need?

Instrument rental and the purchase of sheet music and method books are the responsibility of the student. These costs are not reflected in tuition fees. All questions about materials should be directed to the individual teacher.

Do students perform in recitals?

Each teacher decides whether a recital will be held at the end of the semester.

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