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Accessibility Resources - Registering For and Requesting Accommodations

In the higher education environment, students have the option to self-identify and request accommodations. While, in general, self-identifying and registering are not mandatory, students must register with the ADA Coordinator before reasonable accommodations can and will be granted. Except in special circumstances at the discretion of the ADA Coordinator, accommodations will not be granted until a student has registered following the outlined steps. Furthermore, accommodations are not retroactive and will take effect on the date they are granted by the ADA Coordinator.

Registering with the ADA Coordinator

  • Student Submissions: To start the process of registering, students must submit two documents:

    1. A current evaluation conducted by a qualified professional that describes your disability, the impact on you in a learning environment, and the need for accommodations. Please refer to our Documentation Guidelines for more details. Please keep in mind that copies of accommodations from previous schools, an Individualize Education Plan (IEP), or 504 Plan may not be sufficient documentation alone, but will be helpful as part of a more comprehensive report.
    2. A self-report of your disability and accommodation need by completing the ADA Intake Form. This form can be completed and submitted online.

    The ADA Intake Form allows for electronic submission of documentation (up to 3 files). While electronic submission with the intake form is preferred, documentation can also be brought to the ADA Coordinator's office (E103), faxed to the Dean's Office (727-345-6428) Attention: ADA Coordinator, or mailed to:

    ADA Coordinator
    Stetson University College of Law
    1401 61st Street S.
    Gulfport, FL 33707

  • Once received, the ADA Coordinator will review the documentation and consult with other professional staff, as appropriate, then contact you to arrange for an intake interview.

Accommodations granted will be valid for the duration of a student's need for accommodations at the College of Law, unless a student is notified that the accommodations granted are of limited duration or do not apply to a particular course. Students are encouraged to register early to have accommodations in place before they are needed. Students experiencing barriers due to temporarily disabling conditions will need to register at the time the need arises and accommodation will end once the condition has resolved. Updates and changes to accommodations can be made in light of changes in the impact a student's disability has on his or her educational pursuit. If updates or changes are needed, please contact the ADA Coordinator to set up an appointment to discuss such; depending on the nature of the request, additional documentation may be requested to support the request.

Requesting Accommodations

After the initial granting of accommodations, students must request their accommodations each semester by completing the Request for ADA Accommodations form. Students have the right to elect not to use granted accommodations during a particular semester or for a particular course, which can be indicated by not requesting the accommodation for that semester and/or course. The College reserves the right to indicate if a granted accommodation is not appropriate for a particular course (e.g. the structure of some courses makes class notes an inappropriate accommodation in most cases) and will work with students if an alternative accommodation is necessary.