Grants and Internships

A number of local, national and international pre-professional opportunities are available for Stetson University history majors during the course of their undergraduate studies. Many of these programs are exclusive to Stetson University students and are designed to facilitate hands-on learning and thinking outside of the classroom.

The Evans Johnson Research Fund

The Evans Johnson Research Fund is a privately endowed restricted fund, distributed by the History Department, designated to support students who wish to conduct primary source research in national and international archives, libraries, or research institutes, and/or need to obtain research not otherwise accessible locally, online, or via the duPont-Ball Library.

Stay tuned for scenes from our summer 2016 Evans Johnson Research Award recipients' adventures!

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The Malcom Wynn Travel Fund

More information will be coming soon!

Stetson University Research Experience

Stetson University Research Experience (SURE) grants are awarded each year to outstanding undergraduate students to support their research over the summer. Grant recipients within the history department have presented their work at national conferences, including one most recently in New Mexico.

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The Washington Semester

The Washington Semester allows students to live and learn in our nation's capital. Students will earn four credits through independent research or elective and four credits through an internship.

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Mount Vernon Internship

The Mount Vernon Internship is a competitive program, allowing students to work as full-time historic trades interpreters while living on the grounds of George Washington's Mount Vernon estate during a 10-week period of the summer. Field trips to other historic sites and museums in the region are provided.

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The West Volusia Historical Society

The West Volusia Historical Society offers a host of experiential opportunities to history majors.

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