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Elizabeth Hall

Office of Human Resources

This website is provided as an information resource for our internal and external customers. Included within it you'll find information regarding our programs and services, including university employment opportunities, work-related benefits, policies and procedures, training opportunities, forms, retirement planning, and news and events.

Our staff provides an array of services to you as university employees and visitors, and as such, we welcome your input and feedback about this website and your experience working with our office. Please feel free to call on us if we can be of assistance to you.


Employee Assistance Program Webinars

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers monthly Webinars on various work-life issues, including stress management, team building and communication. You may download these Webinars at any time.

To sign up for one of the Webinars, use the following steps:

  1. Go to the EAP website.
  2. In the username and password fields, type STET. Click Submit.
  3. The first page will have a section for Webinars about halfway down the page. This section includes upcoming webinars, registration instructions and a library of previous webinars. Please note that it will take up to 45 days for a webinar to be added to the library.

For more information about services offered through the Employee Assistance Program, please visit the EAP website. Log in with the username and password STET.

Reporting Smoke & Tobacco-Free Violations


Reports of Smoke & Tobacco-Free policy violations at the DeLand campus may be reported via the Smoke & Tobacco-Free Incident Reporting Form.


Reports of Smoke & Tobacco-Free policy violations at the Gulfport campus may be reported via the Gulfport Campus Smoke/Tobacco Free Violation Reporting Form.


EthicsPoint provides a simple, anonymous way to confidentially report activities that may involve certain improper conduct or violations of Stetson University policies.

EthicsPoint Secure Reporting

Sex Offender Registry Information

Pursuant to Section 3, Section 1005.10 Florida Statutes, Stetson University is required to provide employees with contact information for the Department of Law Enforcement Sexual Predator and Sexual Offender Registry for use in reviewing the public database. Please go to the FDLE Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators website or call 888-357-7332 for more information.