A woman and a man proudly display a framed award at a Stetson University event.
Attendees engage in conversation at an Economics booth during a Stetson University fair.
A group of students and employees, adorned with Stetson University sashes, gather for photo.

Manager Toolbox

Our HR Team provides resources and tools for our managers and supervisors to effectively support their employees and teams. For additional support, please reach out to an HR Team member

Hiring Process:

Hiring Manager's Guide to the Employment Process


    • Inclusive Hiring Presentation (9/21/2022) - Carmen Johnson & Graciela Dufour: Video | Powerpoint

    • Inclusive Hiring Presentation (Fall 2023) - Carmen Johnson, Graciela Dufour, & Pam Skoularakos: Video

Flexible Work Arrangements:

Program Overview


Useful Forms: