Contractor Agreements


As of September 12, there is new information and a form for independent contractors.

  1. What is an independent contractor
  2. Independent Contractor/Employee Determination Checklist

Before downloading and completing any of the following agreements, please complete the Independent Contractor/Employee Determination Checklist.

If the checklist determines that you should be treated as an employee, please contact Chris Chellberg at 386-822-2535. Otherwise, please refer to the Guide for Completing Contracts, which will inform you of which form(s) you need to complete and return to the Office of Finance.


Lecturer/Guest Speaker Form

Used for an individual performing non-entertainment services (e.g., speaking, lecturing, etc.) of a duration less than one week.

Entertainment/Artist Contract

Used for a company or individual providing entertainment services (e.g., musicians, singers, magicians, actors, hypnotists, dancers, comedians, etc.).

Event Coordinator Contractor Agreement

Used when one contractor will handle all coordination needed for a university event, including but not limited to: hiring and payment of performers, inflatables, equipment and food vendors, etc.

Referee/Official Services for Athletics and Club Sports Games & Scrimmages

Used for short-term athletics and club sports services.

Please contact the Office of Human Resources to verify the payroll status of the student and the appropriate payment method before submitting this agreement.

Student Activity and/or Equipment Vendor Contract

Used for companies that supply, set up, construct and/or operate equipment and temporary structures (e.g., mechanical bulls, sumo wrestling, jousting, inflatables, bleachers, rock walls, etc.).

(Alcohol) Independent Contractor/Consultant Agreement

Used for a company or individual providing alcohol-related services for a university event.

(Food) Independent Contractor/Consultant Agreement

Used for a company or individual providing food and/or catering services for a university event.

Outside Consultant/Independent Contractor Agreement

Used for organizations or individuals providing services that do not fit the descriptions of the other contractor agreements listed above.

Other Documents