Mission and History


The purpose of the Quality of Service Council is to act as a catalyst within the Stetson University community to promote communication and courteous service. The Council seeks to achieve improvements in internal interactions and to serve as a channel of communication between departments and among individual staff members. It seeks to promote a sense of community by providing opportunities for social interaction and employee recognition. The Council achieves its purpose through the dissemination of information, training programs and Stetson University employee events.


In 1988, former Stetson University President Doug Lee recognized that the quality of service delivered by the university comes primarily from the front lines: people who handle incoming calls, meet campus visitors, and maintain the facilities. To help ensure a high level of quality in internal interactions, he appointed the Quality of Service Council composed of university staff members. Since joining Stetson in 2009, President Wendy B. Libby has continued to support the council's efforts to participate in community events, celebrate coworkers, and foster a more open communication, which promotes building a culture where employee involvement matters and creating a great place to work.

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