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2022 Homecoming Door Decorating Contest

Thank you to all of the offices that participated in our Homecoming Door Decorating Contest! Our winners were Circulation - DuPoint-Ball Library and Student Counseling Services

Circulation - duPont-Ball Libary (General Winner)

2022-homecoming-counseling1.JPG 2022-homecoming-counseling2.JPG

Student Counseling Services (Above and Beyond Winner) 

2022-homecoming-commengage.JPG 2022-homecoming-SOBA-Dean.JPG

 2022-homecoming-WORLD.JPG 2022-homecoming-finance-RGIP.JPG 

 2022-homecoming-sociology.JPG 2022-homecoming-history.JPG 

 2022-homecoming-finance-office.JPG 2022-homecoming-graduate.JPG

 2022-homecoming-health.JPG 2022-homecoming-HR.JPG 

2022-homecoming-studentdev1.JPG  2022-homecoming-studentdev2.JPG 

2022-homecoming-studentdev3.JPG 2022-homecoming-studentdev4.JPG 

2022-homecoming-studentdev5.JPG 2022-homecoming-studentdev6.JPG 

2022-homecoming-studentdev7.JPG 2022-homecoming-studentdev8.JPG 

Left to right: Community Engagement, SOBA Dean's Office, WORLD Office, Finance & RGIP, Sociology, History.

Left to right: Finance Office, Graduate Office, Graduate Programs, Health Services, Human Resources.

Left to right: Student Development (eight entries)