Laura Kirkland

Associate Professor and Catalog Librarian

  • MA, English, Stetson University, 2002
  • MA, library and information science, University of Iowa, 1990
  • BA, English, Luther College, 1988


Laura Kirkland


As cataloging librarian, Laura Kirkland oversees all materials added to the library's online catalog. She supervises the processing and mending of all library books and materials and also manages the library's electronic journal subscriptions.

She oversees library materials purchase requests from the faculty, distributing book reviews to faculty for possible library book purchases on a regular basis.

Currently a member of the university's International Learning Committee, UCCAP Committee, and Gender Studies Committee, she also chairs the Library Research Prize Committee. She has also served as editor of the Florida Library Association News Digest and chaired the Northeast Florida Library Information Network Tech Services Interest Group.

More About Laura Kirkland

Areas of Expertise

  • Library and information studies
  • English

  • Along with Debbi Dinkins, Kirkland presented a paper at the International Conference of the Book in Regensburg, Germany in September 2013: "An Uneasy But Powerful Alliance: Faculty Use of e-books." An article (written with colleague Jean Wald) detailing the results of their faculty survey was published in The International Journal of the Book in 2014.
  • Her current research interest involves detailed evaluations of the usage of the library's physical resources (books, videos and CDs).

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