Karl Ng

Assistant Professor of Sociology

I am a social demographer who studies the links between the sociology of migration, fertility, and family in different social contexts.

  • PhD, Sociology, McGill University
  • MA, Sociology, National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)
  • BA, Double Major in Political Science and Sociology, National Taiwan University


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My recent work has focused on two complementary themes. First, how home country context and parent-child socialization shape the integration and acculturation process of family norms and behaviors among the children of immigrants. Second, the importance of family ties for migrants and the intergenerational transmission of culture, religion, and language in migrant families. In addition to migration studies and social demography, my work contributes to research in political sociology, sociology of the family, and gender studies. I rely heavily on quantitative methods such as multilevel modeling, even-history analysis, sequence and clustering methods, latent variable approaches, causal analysis, and Bayesian approaches to statistical inference.

More About Karl Ng

Areas of Expertise

  • Social Demography
  • International Migration
  • Sociology of the Family 

Course Sampling

  • Sociology of Families and Intimate Relationships
  • Population, Society and Environment
  • Population, Environment and Society in Asia
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration
  • Tools for Quantitative Analysis 

  • Social Demography
  • International Migration
  • Sociology of the Family

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