Joe Del Rocco

Assistant Professor of Practice

Joe Del Rocco, PhD, is passionate about teaching STEM curricula. He merges industry experience and relevant theory with inclusive research-backed teaching principles, in order to harness the intrinsic motivation of his students. Joe cofounded Cacti Council, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to computer science education and outreach.

  • PhD, Computer Science, University of Central Florida
  • MS, Computer Science, University of Central Florida
  • BS, Computer Science, University of Central Florida


Joe Del Rocco


Joe Del Rocco has over two decades of experience bouncing back and forth between industry and academia. He has worked as a software engineer for a variety of industries including video games, power diagnostics, government-contracted simulation, e-Discovery, and mobile applications. He has authored and taught courses on computer science, programming, and applied software topics at Full Sail University, Stetson University, and the University of Central Florida. Joe is a cofounder of Cacti Council, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving critical and creative thinking in education through computer science and its related disciplines. His outreach and volunteer work include degree program and STEM advisory committees, workshops, hackathons,, etc. Many of his former students have worked for Fortune 500 companies and game development studios. Joe merges industry experience with research-backed principles from faculty teaching and learning experts. He earned his computer science degrees from the University of Central Florida, and his doctoral dissertation uses spectral sky radiation and automated systems to improve building performance.

More About Joe Del Rocco

Areas of Expertise

  • Industry software engineering
  • Applied programming topics
  • Teaching computer science
  • Building performance simulation

Course Sampling

  • Introduction to Computing
  • Computer Science I and II
  • Computing History
  • Programming Languages
  • Game Development
  • Mobile Computing

  • Building performance
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Multi-spectral energy