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The mission of the SMART Lab is to teach and research the efficacy of stress management and resiliency skills with individuals from Volusia County and students from Stetson University. The SMART lab targets significant reductions in stress levels using biofeedback monitors and can be combined with self-report measures of psychological disorders and indicators of resilience. The SMART Lab is capable of intervening with a wide age demographic from children to geriatric and can be combined with other health initiatives including psychological counseling, play therapy, and brain fitness. The SMART Lab is staffed by Jesse Fox, PhD, and student research assistants.

Stetson Awakened Awareness Spring 2024: An 8-Week Wellness Workshop

About this event

Stetson University students are invited to participate in Awakened Awareness: Spiritual Mind-Body Practices for Enhanced Well-Being.

Each 8-week, 90-minute workshop includes meditation practices, an introduction to Awakened Awareness concepts, and the sharing of reflections. During these 8 weeks, you will learn techniques and tools to reduce stress, increase overall well-being, and find deeper meaning and purpose in your life!

Spring 2024 Cohort: 

Sessions will be held in person in Brown Hall Room 224

All participants must be enrolled Stetson University students at least 18 years of age.

The group will be facilitated by Professor Fox, Professor Roach, Rev. Campbell, Kristie Perez or Ben Staskowski

Awakened Awareness is a meditation-based series of workshops that was developed from research at Columbia University's Teachers College and the work of Dr. Lisa Miller, and has been conducted with hundreds of undergraduates. More colleges and universities across the country are now offering it to their own undergraduate populations.

In addition, participants who are 18+ can earn $35  in Amazon gift cards if they wish to opt-in to the research study conducted by the Spirituality and Psychology Lab at Teachers College, Columbia University, which will measure the outcomes of the workshops. Study participants must be students 18 and older. Research participation includes filling out questionnaires. Upon registration, you will receive an email invitation from the researchers with study details.