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Brain Fitness Academy (BFA)

The Brain Fitness Academy is a cognitive rehabilitation program for older adults living with dementia or cognitive deficits. This is an established program throughout central Florida, and in 2013, BFA won the International Council on Active Aging’s Innovators Achievement Award.

BFA’s goal is to offer programming that is success-based, boosts self-esteem and maximizes health and well-being by providing a therapeutic environment where members can engage in brain-healthy activities and learn lifestyle adaptations. Participants attend three-hour group sessions twice a week for 14 weeks. In these sessions, participants work on cognitive activities, light physical exercise, and socialization. Similar programming has been found to benefit memory and self-perception of thinking skills, as well as overall quality of life in patients struggling with dementia. Additionally, Stetson’s BFA will offer a simultaneous care partner support group, allowing for a variety of support experiences including psychoeducation, resource access, and regular support groups.

The next Stetson BFA semester will start on May 28, 2024. The application for participation is now open.

For more information on participating in Stetson’s BFA, contact Sarah Garcia, PhD, at [email protected] or 386-822-7068. 

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