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International and Cooperative Programs

Stetson University College of Law has a number of cooperative programs established through articulation agreements with other institutions. These currently include the following:

Cooperative Programs

Students may transfer credits received in a cooperative program to the extent permitted by the Transfer Credits policy and/or each program's specific policies. A student interested in attending an exchange or dual-degree program with a foreign institution should contact the Office of International Programs. A student interested in a domestic exchange or dual-degree program should contact the Associate Dean for Academics.

Accelerated 3+3 Bachelor's/J.D. Programs

Other Programs of Interest

In addition to cooperative programs, Stetson Law also offers other programs of interest to those desiring to study international law or travel abroad, or to those with a foreign law degree seeking to enroll in an accelerated J.D. program. These programs include:

For more information, see International and Graduate Programs or contact the International Programs Office.