student in Granada

Study Abroad with Stetson University College of Law

Fall Intersession


Study Abroad Program in Caymans Islands Winter Break Program

» Cayman Islands
Fall Intersession
Dec. 26, 2018-
Jan. 6, 2019



Spring Break - Stetson students only


Study Abroad Program in Cuba - Spring Break Program

» Cuba
Mar. 11 - 15, 2019


Study Abroad Program in Ireland - Spring Break Program

» Ireland
Mar. 10 - 16, 2019



Study Abroad Program in Granada, Spain

» Granada, Spain
June 8-July 5, 2019


Study Abroad Program in The Hague, Netherlands

» The Hague, Netherlands
July 7-Aug. 2, 2019

Study Abroad Program in Oxford, United Kingdom

» Oxford, England
July 21-Aug. 3, 2019


Study Abroad Program in Cape Town, South Africa

» Cape Town,
South Africa

July 4-Aug. 2, 2019



Attention Non-Stetson Students:

Non-Stetson students should be aware that it is unlikely that participation in a summer program may be used to result in an acceleration of their graduation date. Students interested in acceleration should consult their home school and the relevant rules of the American Bar Association, including Standard 304, Interpretation 304-4.