Mission and Overview

At Stetson, we know that your first job after law school is just that -- the first step in a long, successful and rewarding career. Accordingly, we will provide the career toolkit to help you launch the career that is right for you. We will support your career choices through individual counseling sessions and group workshops, which focus on career strategy and planning, research, document preparation and publishing, communication and outreach, decision making, and mentoring.
Altogether, Stetson's 9,000-plus law graduates make up a diverse, multicultural network of connections and support.

Successful Stetson lawyers work in every sector of the legal profession, including government agencies, the judiciary, the military, nongovernmental organizations, and at large, medium and small law firms, as well as solo law practices. Beyond the legal arena, our graduates have achieved success in business, public and private education, health care, sport management, broadcasting and other fields. Many have gone on to pursue advanced degrees from Columbia, George Washington, Georgetown, NYU and other universities.