Reciprocity Practices for Stetson Law Graduates

The office of career and professional development will help recent graduates apply to other law schools for reciprocity services.

Many law schools offer or exchange reciprocity services for graduates of other law schools who want to work outside of their law school’s local area, metro area, state, or region. Because Stetson may agree to reciprocate (provide services to another law school’s graduate in return), each Stetson student may apply for reciprocity to only one other law school. Some law schools do not offer reciprocity, and others suspend reciprocity from time to time for a variety of reasons or do not offer reciprocity during certain times of the year.

Reciprocity services may consist of providing temporary passwords to the law school’s job postings platform, with limitations, such as an agreement to notify employers that the application is a result of a reciprocal agreement.

Reciprocity services are normally requested after graduation, and some law schools require that the applicant be a resident in the area and have registered for the state’s bar exam before a reciprocity application will be approved.

Other services are often specifically excluded; for example, law schools do not offer coaching services. Those can be provided by our office of career and professional development regardless of where you are located, throughout your career. Graduates usually are not permitted to participate in another law school’s on-campus interviews, professional development events, networking events, practice interview programs, or bar study activities. Please view the law school’s reciprocity policy to know exactly what is excluded.

If you are interested in requesting reciprocity from another law school, please contact Stacy Elizondo at [email protected], or [email protected] for an appointment to discuss your request and help us develop your application. All law schools that offer reciprocity require that requests be made with the help of the career office on both sides.