Reciprocity Policy for Graduates of Other Law Schools

Stetson Law does accept applications for reciprocity from other law schools.

We will provide reciprocity services to JD graduates of accredited law schools outside of the state of Florida.

To qualify for services, the graduate must apply through their law school’s career services office and the graduate’s current resume must be included in the application. The career services office should make the request to [email protected], including the metro area of the graduate’s current or intended residence.

We do not provide reciprocity to students, and graduates seeking reciprocity must have registered to take the next Florida Bar exam.

Reciprocity services will not be provided during Fall or Spring Recruitment (OCI) sessions, the dates of which may vary.

Reciprocity services include:

  • a required 30-minute orientation to the Florida law job market.
  • a temporary Symplicity password for job postings only. The password will be provided for an initial period of 30 days, after which an extension may be requested and will depend on graduate diligence in logins, applications, communication with the originating career services office, and any feedback that may be provided by employers.
  • access to limited advisory services from an assigned career services coach.

We get many requests for reciprocity and make relatively few requests from other law schools, so please apply for no more than one graduate at a time. We ask that you assure us that you are not seeking reciprocity from multiple Florida law schools on behalf of your graduate.

We recognize that all job markets are not the same, and if we request reciprocity from your law school, we do not require that you offer our graduates the same services we offer yours. We would appreciate any consideration you might be able to offer.

Program Coordinator: Stacy Elizondo, Career Coordinator
Excluded Dates 2022: August 1, 2022, through November 19, 2022