Know Before You Go: Tips to Maximize Your Campus to Career Experience

  1. Read all correspondence you’ve received about Campus to Career and review the website content. You have choices and can tailor your experience to your interests, so research the speakers and identify the programs and topics you’d like to learn more about. See the programs, speakers, and topics here.

  2. Register! You are not eligible for the big prizes unless you register for the conference.  You can choose your destination programs on the day of the event, but unless you’ve registered in advance and attend all session, you will not be eligible for many of the carefully chosen giveaways: the perfect schedule, tickets for Barrister’s Ball, and department store gift cards, for examples. See the list of prizes here
  3. What to wear? Whatever you find comfortable – keep in mind we will have a photographer taking photos all day and that you will be meeting new people and doing some networking. When our advisors go to a conference, they tell us the winning look is business casual, sometimes with a personal flair.
  4. Wear your Stetson Nametag; this is one of those opportunities to mingle and put faces and names together.
  5. Conference Planners will have orange clipboards; seek those folks out for help and information on the day of the conference.
  6. There will be snacks and meals.  Your conference bag will contain snacks, there will be breakfast snacks and doughnuts in the Great Hall for those who register and join us early, we will have box lunches to eat while you learn, and an elegant charcuterie table at the reception.  Check the schedule on the website for times and locations and let us know if you have special dietary needs; we will have special box lunches and a variety of options at the reception.
  7. Stay hydrated; bring your water bottle and plan to refill.
  8. Leave your laptop at home. If you want to take notes, use your phone, journal, tablet, or – wait for it! – a real legal pad and pen/pencil.  

  9. Set some goals for the day (such as a goal to meet new people and then plan to meet up with them after the conference). Or maybe set a goal to schedule some reflection time over the weekend following the conference and envision a successful spring semester.

  10. Avoid stress by taking breaks when you need them – not just between sessions, when there will be lines at facilities.

  11. Give us all the benefit of your feedback.  We plan this conference with you and your needs and interests in mind, so make sure we know what’s on your mind.  If you are interested in a planning role as a Campus to Career Fellow next year, be sure to let us know!

  12. Stay in the moment.  Save your worries, your studies, and your work responsibilities for the next day, and focus the conference day on what you can gain, earn, and learn from this once-in-a-law-school-career opportunity.