LL.M. in Elder Law - Technical Requirements

The LL.M. in Elder Law program has the following technical requirements:

  Processor Intel i5/i7 processor or AMD processor 2 GHz or faster is strongly recommended
  Memory 4GB of RAM or higher
  Wireless 802.11 G/N/AC Compatible (Optional)
  Removable Media USB Removable Media 32GB or more
  Network High speed broadband connection like Cable/DSL (Dial-Up Connections are not supported)
  Operating System Windows 10 or Apple Mac OS X El Capitan and above (with or without BootCamp)
  Browser Internet Explorer 11.0, Firefox (latest verson) and/or Safari
  Office Suite Microsoft Office 2016 or Microsoft Office365
  High-quality Web cam and headset microphone
  In addition to built-in computer speakers, external speakers are recommended.