Prince Entrepreneurship Class of 2019-2020

Prince Entrepreneurship Leaders

The Prince Entrepreneurship Leaders Program is an organization for serious entrepreneurship students. It provides guidance and support for those who are serious about launching their own scalable business either while at Stetson or after graduation, as well as gather a group of students to represent the university at various competitions.

Benefits of the membership include

  • Special recognition associated with acceptance into this elite program
  • Weekly and direct counseling support on their business idea by entrepreneurship faculty
  • Assignment of a mentor (this person would be a successful, non-faculty entrepreneur)
  • Membership qualifies the student to compete for slots at local, regional, national and international competitions
  • Three members will be selected to be chapter presidents of three national entrepreneurship organizations (DECA, CEO and ENACTUS)
  • When available, members will receive additional resources to support IP, engineering, marketing, legal and accounting
  • First notice of potential scholarships in entrepreneurship

Meet the 2019-2020 Prince Entrepreneurship Leaders