ENTP 353J/JS Social Entrepreneurship (1 Unit)

Social entrepreneurship utilizes human and financial resources to solve social issues. Students will identify and examine community needs from the societal, ethical, financial and managerial perspectives. The pedagogy will consist of case studies, field experiences, and readings.

ENTP 399 Prince Entrepreneurship Studies Seminar (1 Unit)

This course focuses on the threats and opportunities associated with the world of entrepreneurship concentrating on concepts of innovation, creation, decision-making, and the psychology of entrepreneurs. In collaboration with the faculty, students will gain direct knowledge through interaction with successful entrepreneurs.

ENTP 450 International Entrepreneurship (1 Unit)

This course introduces students to entrepreneurship in a global context challenging them to explore and apply basic entrepreneurial management ideas, techniques and strategies especially applicable to the international and global environment. The course will emphasize the topic of small business development in a global market economy.

ENTP 451 Entrepreneurial Management (1 Unit)

This course offers students the tools to manage the growth process of a start-up company. Strategic, financial, marketing and personnel problems common to small start-up companies are investigated using the case method.

ENTP 452 Venture Capital and High Growth Entrepreneurship (1 Unit)

This course integrates the material of ENTP 399 and ENTP 451 by focusing on the financing of the start-up firm. Students will examine, in depth, the issues involved in the raising of capital for the development of early stage companies. This examination will view the capital raising challenge from both the perspectives of the entrepreneur and the investor. Special attention will be paid to evaluating the management of entrepreneurial firms and the market potential for their products and/or services and students will be required to evaluate "live" companies and make investment decisions.