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BSAN Badges Digital Credentialing

BSAN Program Distinction

The Business Systems & Analytics (BSAN) program combines a strong business component with an in-depth study of state-of-the-art technology to prepare students for successful careers. Experientially-oriented, the program provides opportunities for internships and many other real-world experiences using leading technologies such as Python, SAS, Tableau, RapidMiner, Advanced Excel, R, SAP, Mendix and SQL.

BSAN Badges Signature Program

A BSAN Badge is a digital badge or digital micro-credential that includes evidence of knowledge and academic achievements in the area of business systems and analytics. Digital badges are becoming increasingly important as employers and educators seek to build a 21-st century workforce with verifiable career-ready skill sets. Additional benefits include:

  • Digital badges align with workforce modernization and rapid technological changes often unmet through traditional education programs. 
  • Digital badges are optimized for sharing on social media and professional networks such as LinkedIn to build awareness, value and demand for candidates.
  • Digital badges and skills-based hiring helps companies create an unbiased, diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce.
  • Digital badges allow an easy achievement verification process between students and employers.
  • Digital badges help bridge higher education and employment through marketable digital credentials for students, beyond courses and grades.
  • Digital badges help students differentiate themselves and increase employability in a competitive field of recent graduates.
  • Digital badges increase the motivation and engagement of learners 1,2,3,4,5.

Below is a sample listing of courses and digital badge opportunities. Funding would support Stetson students’ ability to achieve the digital badge (an additional cost for students beyond existing tuition and textbook materials costs) and maintain the digital badge platform for long-term student and employer storage, access and verification.


Digital Badge Opportunity

BSAN 111 – Introduction to Business Analytics

Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel

BSAN 300 – Applied Business Programming 

Information Technology Specialist: Python

BSAN 383 – Descriptive Analytics and Data Visualization

Information Technology Specialist: Data Analytics

BSAN 323 and BSAN 465 – Predictive Analytics

SAS Analytics Academic Specialization

BSAN 494 – Business Analysis

Mendix Rapid Application Developer


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