Joining the Stetson Chapter of Psi Chi


Each semester the Stetson Chapter of Psi Chi invites eligible Psychology majors and minors to join the chapter. Those invited must have met the requirements for membership set by the national organization and the local chapter. They must also have been approved by a two-thirds vote of the chapter.

Membership Requirements

To be eligible for membership in the Stetson Chapter of Psi Chi, a student (a) must be a Psychology major or minor, (b) must have earned at least 36 hours of academic credit, including at least 9 hours of Psychology, (c) must have at least a 3.0 average for all Psychology courses taken, (d) must have an overall academic average of at least 3.3 if a sophomore, or 3.4 if a junior or senior. Anyone who feels that he or she meets these requirements but has been overlooked is encouraged to contact either the chapter president or the faculty adviser.

Dues and Registration

A student who wishes to accept an invitation from Psi Chi must go to the Psychology Department Office, complete an application form, complete a national registration card, and give the Psychology Department secretary $65.00 (cash or check payable to Psi Chi) to cover lifetime national dues of $55.00 and lifetime local dues of $10.00.


After invitations go out, students who have accepted the invitation and paid their local and national dues are inducted in a chapter ceremony at which they receive a certificate of membership and membership card. They have a lifetime registration with the national office of Psi Chi.