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Community Outreach

The Institute supports several community outreach programs. For the past 25 years, we have supported  Professional Development Schools (PDS) partnerships, and more recently developed the Hollis Leadership Center to support district and school administrators. We also host a peer-reviewed journal.


The Nina B. Hollis Institute began with a desire to work collaboratively with local schools. A small group of Stetson University faculty decided that it was important to bring schools into college classrooms. Instead of telling the schools what we could do for them, we asked the schools, "What can we do for you?" Year after year our projects have changed and grown with the needs and desires of the local schools we work with. ​

We currently support several community outreach programs.​ Our longest-standing partnership is our Professional Development Schools. In addition to our PDS partnerships, we sponsor the NBHI Leadership Center. The focus of the center is to address the achievement gap that persists for marginalized youth in our schools by creating a network of culturally responsive schools.​

In an effort to bridge the gap between our school partners and higher education colleagues, we launched our own journals. Voices of Reform charge is to the gap between practitioners and scholars to improve school climate, culture, and student outcomes.​

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