student employemnt for the center for public opinion research

Student Employment at CPOR

Stetson's CPOR center currently employs approximately 75 student workers both at undergraduate and graduate levels. Our students have shown their commitment and dedication to our organization, and their work has contributed significantly to our efforts. Their contributions and hard work have helped to provide valuable insights not only to our organization but also to many other students at Stetson. We are proud of their achievements and are grateful for their efforts in helping us achieve our mission. We are committed to providing them with opportunities for growth and development as they continue to play a vital role in our organization! 

What kind of skills will I gain while working at CPOR?

  1. Survey Research Techniques: Students gain firsthand experience with various survey research methodologies and techniques.

  2. Data Analysis: Working with us, students acquire proficiency in data collection, management, and interpretation, leveraging tools used in professional research environments.

  3. Critical Thinking: We nurture our students' critical thinking abilities, teaching them how to draw well-grounded conclusions from research data.

  4. Communication Skills: Working in a collaborative setting, students hone their written and verbal communication skills, essential for any professional field.

  5. Project Management: Students learn to manage their work effectively within project timelines, gaining exposure to aspects of project planning, execution, and monitoring.

  6. Public Policy Understanding: Through an in-depth study of public sentiment, students acquire a deeper understanding of how public policy is influenced and shaped.

  7. Report Writing: Students get the opportunity to contribute to our published reports, honing their abilities in professional, academic writing.

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We welcome applications from students across all disciplines, though students pursuing Political Science, Sociology, Statistics, or related fields may find the work particularly relevant. If you are interested in joining our amazing team please email [email protected]