PACT Programming

Red Zone Tabling 

The first six weeks of a semester, particularly in the fall semester, is when the highest amount of sexual assaults take place on a college campus. To encourage students to be active bystanders during this time, we table with a “What Would You Do?” Conversation wheel. This wheel has questions and conversation prompts that challenge participants to think through their bystander strategies. During these tables, we also offer Title IX resources and off-campus resources.

Consent Bar

The Consent Bar offers Mocktails to Start a Conversation. Able to cater to any event, PACT has created a menu of mocktails with names such as “Can I kiss you?” or “Can I take your pants off?” with the aim of destigmatizing and normalizing conversations around sex and consent. If you can say it to order a drink, you can certainly say it to your partner!

If you would like to request to preview the menu or request that we cater your event please email Sara Smith-Paez at [email protected]


Created by the OneStudent organization, Sexversations is an interactive card game filled with conversation prompts about sexual health, consent, gender roles, sexual assault, and sexuality as a whole. Sharing ideas around these topics helps to tackle the taboos that can hinder reporting or seeing a health professional. This casual and informative program can be adapted for large or small groups. PACT offers Sexversations about once a semester, but could host for a specific group if requested.

Escalation Workshop

PACT will be offering the Escalation Workshop created by the OneLove Foundation. This workshop includes a 40-minute video of a couple's relationship and the way abuse can escalate. A guided discussion takes place after viewing the film to help participants identify the warning signs they witnessed in the fictional couple's relationship, as well as work through their personal bystander strategies. PACT offers this workshop to the whole campus community once a year in October but will host it for specific groups if requested.

Please note that this workshop includes multiple trigger warnings that are given at the start of the workshop. PACT encourages participants to practice self-care and encourages them to step out if they need to. 

Masculinity is What YOU Make It Campaign 

The Masculinity is What YOU Make It Campaign aims at engaging men in conversations surrounding sexual violence. The reason for this is that creating a culture of consent cannot be one-sided and we cannot expect there to be a culture of consent without bringing such a vital population to the table. We hope that men on campus will look inward and define their masculinity for themselves rather than basing it on social norms and harmful gender roles. This campaign includes a variety of different activities and events. We have hosted tables, a field day and tie-die kick-off events. We also aim to keep adding to this campaign with our media series “Men in Media”. 

Take Back the Night

Every April, PACT and the Title IX Office present Take Back the Night. Take Back the Night was founded after a survivor of sexual assault on campus experienced victim blaming. She and her community rose up and decided to take back the night, stating that everyone has the right to feel safe. This event includes keynote speakers, creative partnerships from students, a march, and a speak-out where the mic is opened to survivors or anyone who wishes to share their story.

Denim Day

Denim Day was started after an Italian Supreme Court case that overturned a rape conviction on the grounds that a survivor was wearing tight jeans and must have helped her attacker remove them, thereby implying consent. The community, including the women in the Italian Parliament, was outraged. In a demonstration of support and solidarity with the survivors, all the women in the Italian Parliament wore jeans to work the next day. Denim Day is now celebrated annually to reject victim blaming and support survivors.