Palm Court

Ad Astra- Stetson Schedule

Ad Astra Information

The Registrar's Office is the primary point of contact for access, system setup and technical concerns.  Please contact [email protected] for questions related to Ad Astra or Web Services at [email protected] for questions about calendar feeds.

Ad Astra Quick Reference Guide

Ad Astra Training

To schedule a training for you or your team, please send your request to [email protected].  For the best service, please use "Ad Astra Training" in the subject line. 

Space Approvers

Questions about your request and room policies should be directed to one of the following approvers:

  • Sage Hall- Theresa Carroll
  • Elizabeth Hall- Glenna Roof
  • LBC- [email protected]
  • Sampson Hall- Laura Glander
  • Davis Hall Computer Labs- Lucy Piva
  • duPont-Ball Library- Melissa Flemming
  • College of Law Buildings- Kristina Macys
  • All other DeLand Campus spaces- [email protected]
  • Welcome Center- Julie Hunter and Ann Fick
  • DeLand Hall- Robin Carter/Kim Walker Oates
  • Allen Hall- Lisa Guenther
  • Hollis Family Student Success Center- [email protected]
  • Athletic Facilities- Virginia Sheppa
  • Hollis Center- Travis Potter
  • CUB 204- [email protected]