Waitlist FAQ

If a course is closed but seats are available on the waitlist, you will be offered the option to add yourself to the waitlist. You will be able to see your position on the waitlist. Most courses have a first-in/first-out waitlist.

If you are on a waitlist and are offered a seat in a closed course, you will be notified through your official Stetson email address that you are eligible to enroll in the course. You have 24 hours from the time the email is sent to log in to My Stetson. At that point, to register for the course, click the drop-down box by the waitlisted course and choose the register option. If you do not register for the course in this time frame, your seat will be given to the next person on the waitlist. Be diligent and check your email every day to see whether you are offered an opportunity to add to the course.

You can only waitlist for one section at a time. You will have to drop the current section on which you are waitlisted before you can add a different section to the waitlist. Once you drop, you will lose your spot on the waitlist. Think carefully and check your schedule before changing sections.

You can either register or waitlist a course, but not both.

You can view how many students are on the waitlist. Go to the Class Search. The WL Act (Waitlist Actual) column shows the number of students on the waitlist. Take a moment to look at other sections and see if you can improve your position on a waitlist by registering for a different section. Check carefully before switching, once you drop from a section you lose your spot on the waitlist.

You can be on a waitlist if registered full-time. If offered a seat and already registered for 16 hours or more, you will need to drop a course prior to clicking the drop-down of the waitlisted course and registering.

Any registration restrictions that apply to a class also apply to the class waitlist.

You cannot waitlist on a section that has a time conflict with a course on your schedule.